Access Bars® class

In this class you'll learn to let others release the limiting experiances that keep them from living their fullest life.
You learn to give session that delete certain thoughts, feelings, emotions, considerations and atitudes people held on to their entire lives.
Often, people can not express what is blokking or limiting them. It is a certain energy that controls the problem.
In this class you'll learn how you can invite people to let go of these.

Energetic Body process class

In this training you'll learn to give an Energetic Body process.
A Energetic Body process is a Hands on Healing methode. By putting your hands on different places of the body, you activate specific energy. This energy will ask the molecules of the body to change and transform. 
This way the process contributes to bringing the body back to the original functionality.This supports the body during recovery from trauma. 
Would you like to learn giving an Energetic Body process?

Relationship Done Different class

So many people believe their happiness depends on a relationship.
In reality you do not need to be in a relationship with somebody else to be happy.
Je can simply choose to wake up happy every day.

Relationship isn't the scource for creating your life. You are it.
You are the catalyst of change. You are the one to create the life you truly are asking for
And you are the one tht has created your life as it is now.

4 day event

Are you asking your entire life why things always seem to work different for you?
It seems to be so easy for other people and you wonder; How is that possible? What am I doing wrong? How can other people always be more succesfull than me? Whatever I try, it doesn't seem to work. Do you even know what it is like to have fun?
What would you like to change?
Is now the time?
                               ****FOUNDATION time it is !!!!!*****