Treatment with Horses


It is a massage that works of the fascia. Connective exists between the muscles and skin.It protects the organs and dictates their form.
Massaging the connective tissue creates stimulation for the organs, glands and other body parts. Therefor blockages can disapear.

Every internal organ and different part of the body what a connection with their own connective tissue. De energy of your body, that I follow, creates the starting point of the influincing of the organs. 

How does a treatment with horses work?


For example, in the connective tissue is a nerve connected to the stomach. When you experiance stomach issues, you may notice that on this spot, halfway of the back. There is a higher level of tension and the skin can't be moved as easily. Zo heeft elk orgaan een gebied of zone op de rug. 
When you treat this zone with a connective tissue massage, the complaints in the organ can reduce.

Because of this ESSE/EMT gives a positive effect on different issues like, head ace, migraine, belly and chest issues, stomach and intestine issues, blood flow issues, chronic colds, joint issues and inmonsia.

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